Jan 16, 2019


a peaceful quiet life

most years I do a little bear painting

often of a bear
wandering the land
eating flowers
 (because they do eat flowers, so do I)

I think also there is something about:
life in balance in these scenes
because nature seems to know "life in balance" naturally

wishing you a day that feels 'in balance' 



  1. That's a beautiful piece Tammie :) I am making great efforts to find balance in my life this year!

  2. Your gentle bear looks very peaceful browsing in the morning among the pretty flowers.
    The yellow sky over the colourful hills looks peaceful too.
    What a lovely painting this is.

  3. Stop over from Lissa and bears are very much balance diet.
    Coffee is on

  4. seeing your bear artwork somehow always makes me think of something good, and strangely, calming. I guess we are like bears in some way, I certainly like to hibernate in winter.

    have a lovely day.

  5. Dear Tammie, I like this peaceful painting VERY much! The sensitive bear, searching softly for flowers, is for me a symbol of the sensitive nature, which is always in balance, and we can learn so much! Only an artist, who knows he way to find balance is able to draw such a speaking friendly and peaceful scene.

    Many greetings from Dori from the Bavarian forest

  6. really great use of colour :) nice rolling hills

  7. I love the thought of a life in balance. I know mine is far more so now than ever before. This says so much.

  8. You are blessed to live so close to nature. And to express it so charmingly through your art.

  9. bella sinclair1/21/2019

    Oh, I love this little bear. I can't imagine anything more lovely than enjoying a fragrant, delicious meal under the gentle gaze of hills and mountains. Lucky little bear. Here's wishing you an abundance of peaceful, quiet, and happy days throughout the year. xo

  10. Truly beautiful in so many ways, I love your gorgeous words, so inspiring and heartwarming...and your magical bear gently feasting on flowers is amazing! I love the backdrop of colors as well..all so soothing and also mesmerizing at the same time.
    Wishing you a magical February and Feast of Brighid.

  11. Your pictures are so pretty! I like the second one down a lot. The leaf is such a beautiful color!

  12. A beautiful and peaceful place for your gentle bear to wander. Your lovely painting and words gave me a sense of calm and hopefully that in turn will bring a day that feels in balance. Thank You :)



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