Mar 25, 2018

Heart Spark

from a colorful realm
he entered our world
with the gift of
a golden egg

if you are blessed with the offering of this gift
your heart will spark
the ultimate blessing of love is yours

from then on
love is the only possibility



  1. OOh, very enchanting indeed. Coudl work for the next Scribble Picnic too--as in he's finsihed his egg hunt adn found the golden egg. Lovely.

    I like what you did with the other entry too as commented on now btw.

  2. This is a beautiful drawing full of colours and fairytale of a maybe true meeting of a visitor of your forest in the solitude. I love the coat in rags. I want to have such a golden egg! This is Easter-Mystery which opens our hearts in a surprising way for the big wonder of resurrection. Thank you, Tammie!

  3. Bonjour chère Tamie,

    J'aime beaucoup la symbolisation dans cette dernière oeuvre...
    J'adore les tranches de couleurs de tes collines... Une pure merveille !
    J'aimerais bien trouver un tel oeuf dans le jardin !

    Gros bisous 🎀

  4. Oh, a golden egg and love. This is wonderful. Perfect in every way.

  5. What lovely, positive words. And I love the sketch.😂

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Tammie!🐤🐝🐏🌷

  6. this is wonderful & I like the thoughts that you've written for this - perfect combination of image and words.

    have a lovely day.

  7. love the green coat :D

  8. I love this...and I love the message of love. :)

  9. Loving the quiet magic that is always present in your art, each piece is soft and tells its own magical story!

  10. I just LoVe this. The whole spring/easter thing aside, I've been revisiting meditations that feature a... golden egg. :)

  11. Faaaaaabulous! I love his expression! I love everything about this, from the lumps and bumps of the landscape to that gorgeous multi-colored sun. Beautiful! You always come up with such fanciful characters; it's inspirational.


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