Feb 3, 2017

AC: Pillow

over the years I have made a few of these sweet little heart pillows

they are lovely on a Christmas tree
or hanging in a window
could be sweet for the upcoming holiday

a bit of silk ribbon embroidery
a bit of bead work  

maybe the next one will be a different shape

when our dear Stephanie
chose pillow for our inspiration

well does the above ever happen to you?
feathers coming through the pillow and poking you when you are trying to sleep?
maybe my pillow is too old..... 

visit Stephanies charming blog this weekend 
to see what others have created for our theme:

Thank you for hosting Stephanie!


  1. These hearts are gems! I also like the hand and the wool-needlework, and the photo with wood, deer and heart.

    1. Thank you Dori, they are fun to make and then to photograph it.... yay, the sun was out that day. Today we have snow, lots of snow!

    2. Oh! Snow! I love this1 We have a lot of snow, but the warm temperatures cannot melt it, because we don't have any warm wind. Next week they say we'll get some weather from Siberia again ....

  2. what a lovely heart pillow! I got several, too, my mother-in-law makes them.
    And I love that drawing with the feather, yes I know it:-)
    thank you, dear Tammie, have a nice weekend

    1. So fun to hear that your mother in law makes them.
      Those tricky little feathers ;-) maybe they want to fly free again.

  3. The little lilac heart is sublime, who wouldn't like one of these. Yes, they could hang at a window and would be useful as well as beautiful as they would warn the birds that there is a window ahead. I like your pretty fingerless gloves too.
    Love your unusual painting of the bed (a futon?)and pillow and the amusing single feather.

  4. Thank you! I have been trying to think of something colorful to hang off the end of the curtain rod in my totally white bedroom. This would be perfect.
    Yes, my pillow leaks feathers. it is considerably smaller than it used to be.

  5. That is so sweet :-) <3

  6. That is so sweet -- and it looks extra wonderful hanging on your "bones!" Lovely, Tammie.

  7. Nice! I imagine a wood full of heart pillows:)

  8. Beautiful little hearts, Tammie. Previously coming here, I thought: Maybe Tammie shows up as a pillow, a green meadow. ( Haha! I associate you with everything that is Nature :) ) Anyway, I like very much these hearts , beautiful work!

    1. Yes, I can see why you think nature with me, it does seem to slip into most things i do. Most likely because I am surrounded by it!
      Thank you!

  9. Such a sweet heart pillow! Love the color and the little roses.

  10. Oh, love your heart-shaped pillows, dear Tammie,
    with tiny roses! Beautiful. Once I had a similar made from an old table cloth with stitched roses, filled with lavender.
    And, yes, maybe you need a new pillow ;-) Beautiful drawing!
    x Ariane

  11. Thank you every one for enjoying the little heart pillow!

  12. Yes, yes, I have that too. On old and not so old cusuhions. Funny; I laways pick them tenderly and say goodbye, like it is a bird loosing its feathers. xo

  13. Yes, feather poking happens here as well.
    Your heart pillow is truly lovely. How beautiful they would be on a Christmas tee…..well, actually anywhere!


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