Nov 4, 2016

Art Challenge

every day she listens to the birds
wind in the trees
fungi rising through the earth
watched the flowers  sway
for they are her teachers
they fill her mind with wisdom
heart with joy


this summer cousin Laura visited
we walked my woods and found interesting mushrooms
so here I am studying them
most my days are filled with some sort of schooling in nature
it brings me vitality

i wish all schooling would bring vitality to it's students!

So nice to have another Art challenge happening.
Thank you Ariane for hosting with our theme:
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  1. Adorable fee with long hair and in the midst of peace, peace around her and in her midst.

  2. spirithelpers.. all of them. beautiful artwork. and its lovely to see you.

    "...i wish all schooling would bring vitality to it's students!..."
    me too. I've been thinking of this too over the past few days..
    and how school was in many ways restricting, compared to learning outside of that environment.

  3. A lovely painting - very peaceful, and I love the little flowers and mushrooms.

  4. "...i wish all schooling would bring vitality to it's students!..." big sigh
    it´s so touching to see you!!! you and your drawings!!!
    Please come to my blog for the A.C. No. 200, will you?
    x Stefanie

  5. I love the beautiful sprite who welcomed me this morning and am delighted to learn about your passion for the new mushrooms. I suspect you will be sharing some of their magic with us and I look forward to that!

  6. I love the sweet little painting Tammie, but so absolutely adore seeing you! You're absolutely right too. Nature is the best teacher. <3

  7. Your illustration is beautiful Tammie.
    She makes me smile....thank you!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  8. Hi there Tammy. I agree with Veronica, it's nice to see you!
    It's wonderful that we as adults never stop learning and the opportunity to learn is at our fingertips.
    xo Carole

  9. we find so much truth, so much calm in nature.
    i feel so revived when i trudge the earth, and i feel rather morose, when i don't take the time...
    mhmmmmmushrooms... and the wisdom of these.

  10. i so hope that i
    bring vitality to my students...

    lovely to see you!
    and as always
    such a fine fairytale-like work

  11. What a lovely photo. Your hair! Just beautiful Tammie. I love how your gal in the drawing (you!) is so comfy on those rocks. Have a nice day in your neck of the woods. Love N,x

  12. Stay true to nature and be always aware of everything it has to tell you and your life. Will be filled with a richness you could never have imagined.

  13. Nature gives me peace of mind and energy as well:) Leena

  14. Dear Tammie,
    you do the best schooling! It's is very important to take in, to feel (mother nature) first-hand and make own experience. The tactile way and to look, like you do in this nice photo and in such vitality of your beautiful drawing.
    Thank you!
    Ariane. Rose

  15. It's a beautiful painting, Tammie, beautiful in art and beautiful in its spirit.
    I love the blue bird flying past the sun and the frills at her cuff and the solid coloured stones.
    Good to see you here too, you live in such a wonderful setting.

  16. Tammie wat leuk je hier te zien als, een mooie fee
    in de bossen,interessant te studeren van paddenstoelen
    in de prachtige natuur,
    Groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    Lovely drawing this fantasy figure with antlers
    very pretty face!
    But as a beautiful woman, look out for the hunter ......
    Wish you a nice weekend ......
    Greetings Christiene.

  17. Tammie how nice to see you as a beautiful fairy
    in the woods, interesting to study mushrooms
    in the beautiful scenery,
    Greetings Christiene.


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