Sep 19, 2016

Another Lady

I seem to have a similar style going on with my faces, 
maybe because I am using the same coloring technique.

It feels good to use the same technique and materials.

Yesterday I thought I was on face 14, but it was 11.
Life has been full of fun events with friend. 
So I doubt I will have 29 faces at the end of the month. 
I am fine with that.


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  1. She looks a little sad....but the hair!

    Happy Monday Tammie!

  2. Wistful lady. I love the hair, really abundant, free and great colour.

  3. I might love this one most of all (but I always say that). Love the expression and beautiful pink hair. You did wonderful tones on the skin.

  4. Lovely face, Tammie. You're on a roll! Love how fluid her hair is. :)

  5. Gorgeous Tammie! She is ethereal and sooo beautiful-mystical ! How strange and beautiful that I painted a pale pink haired woman with a bat-spirit this wkd! we are riding the same cosmic magical is that!! OH yay, you are on instagram..I may be getting my first phone ever soon when i do I shall follow your magialc posts!
    Lovely to visit your world..she is truly a beauty..I love your style and love your gentle brushstrokes..looks amazing!
    Happy end of summer and wishing you Blessings of Autumn!

  6. Dear Tammie, your watercolours are special! You know this technique like good Yoga! Fine to make art and also spending some time with friends. Instagram: You live in an amazing landscape!

  7. Anonymous9/19/2016

    Adorable el color del cabello!!!
    Abrazos Tammie!!!

  8. love her face and hair; I too sort of been drawing the same face but that's not a bad thing at all, I like the way you draw faces, they seem to always look serene and calm

    have a lovely day.


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