Jun 26, 2016

Colors, Summer is so much about Colors

i love working with color

for over a quarter of a century my business was making beaded jewelry
with tiny little seed beads
it allowed me the gift of being a stay at home mom

that was so much about playing with colors
shopping for the beads was so much fun

Maple trees have their winged seeds on now:

such beautiful colors as they dance in the breeze
drenched in sunlight


  1. your color choice for the drawing perfectly matches the maple tree's color. love your sketch and image today. hope all is well. have a great day/ week...

  2. lovely painting, soothing colours, I love colours most of all too.

  3. so summery and delightful!

  4. She is lovely! This reminds me of Santa Fe.

  5. Summer colours and I love the hair. Great photo of the seeds they look like our sycamore seeds.

  6. Beautiful watercolor and love the maple seed shot. Color abounds this time of year :)

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime la grâce de cette jeune femme à la longue tresse. Tout en délicatesse, comme toutes vos aquarelles.
    Superbe photo avec les grappes de graines des érables. Chez moi on leur donne le surnom "d'hélicoptère".

    Gros bisous ♡

  8. Dear Tammie - In my impression, your choice of colors in the painting is mellow like spring. Perhaps the colors of summer at the higher altitude would be softer. In my part of the world, vivid colors pop up in summer. The helicopter seeds of maple trees are so lovely both in shape and color.


  9. Ha Tammie,
    Het spelen en werken met kralen is mooi
    ook het tekenen en schilder, is spelen met kleuren
    ook je mooie foto,s met bloemen en planten is een spel
    van de natuur.Een mooi meisje met langen haren
    die eindigt in een mooie lange. vlecht.
    Lieve groet Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    Playing and working with beads is beautiful
    Also drawing and painting, playing with colors
    also your beautiful photo's of flowers and plants is a game
    natuur.Een of the beautiful girl with long hair
    which ends in a beautiful long. braid.
    nice !!!
    Kind regards Christiene.

  10. You Do have that color palette down pat! Yes, those are exactly the colors of summer -- whether photographed or painted!

  11. Your painting has such stunning colour combinations, so soft and yet quite strong colours. I like how you have linked the colours of the maple seeds, the lime and dusty orange, and the way the girl is framed against the turquoise diamond.
    I know what you mean about choosing beads, the shapes and colours are seductive.

  12. I like how your work always have such harmonious colors, like piece too, lovely combination of colors, I actually thought the title was 'coral'instead of color.

    hope you have a lovely summer

  13. shades of summer, how beautiful Tammie! I love the dappled light in that photo.

  14. She has a spiritual cross-jewelry! It's made by a woman in the forest, finding secret seeds.

    It's So wonderful for a mother to stay at home with the children and producing art!


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