May 4, 2016


she floated
as the feather 
that carried her



  1. Lighter than the feather that carried her. Pure magic.

  2. Jut wonderful, like a dream where you can float through the sky. Hugs, Valerie

  3. she has magic. love her long leaf skirt

  4. Tammie,

    Your paintings are often so ethereal,
    sweet and magic,
    full of light...

    I wish you a bright and delightful spring-time…

    1. thank you for your lovely message
      for the beautiful song
      lovely spring to you too ~

  5. Love her Tammie!MAGICAL ♥

  6. Must be lovely to float like that ..... Beautiful imagination....

  7. I like that her dress is like a leaf or perhaps a feather. this is lovely & dreamy.

    have a wonderful day.

  8. Dear Tammie- this is, what happened today, and I am so very sad , but she flies to heaven - I lost my only one mother-dove, a beautiful Bluewhite, by an accident. A wooden piece was propably fallen over her body, when I found her today on the floor crawling. I put her in my hands and carried her to the eating-bowl - she took one piece - he I carried her to the water - she took two drops and slept in my hands to heaven. I opened the roof-window for the flight of her soul. She leaves back two beautiful children, whiteblue, 13 days old. It's not shure, if the dove-father is possible to feed them or one of hem or both. I'm crying and praying. Now I only have three doves and two dove-babies in big danger...

    Thank you for your drawing tonight, Tammie....

  9. So pretty! It is windy here today. I will be thinking of this little lady every time I see a leaf in the air.

  10. You've painted such a light, delicate feather.
    You give your magical ladies such beautiful clothes, here I like her long-sleeved top of a wonderful deep colour.


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