Nov 13, 2015

Drawing Challenge: Deer

this summer
I saw the buck (below)
so beautiful in his velvet antlers!

somehow he
influenced the drawing/painting above

our word this week:

Mr. Linky is new for us:
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I think this Linky will be easier on everyone
as we will know when each persons post is up and ready to visit



  1. I think this would be a lovely holiday card!

  2. This Is such a stunning drawing/painting and many meanings could be attached to it.
    Your photograph is tremendous too.

    1. how lovely
      i would so enjoy you joining us
      but i understand if you change your mind

      come back and add your name to the linky once you post
      this group often gets their posts up Sat. Sun and even Monday

      lovely weekend to you ~

  3. Beautiful painting! It makes me want to go quietly into the forest for a while. :)

  4. I really love the young guy, who is a deer!

  5. Cute picture. And wow, that photo!

  6. Very brilliant photo. Boy, talk about right place at the right time. And beautiful drawing and I agree, it would make a wonderful holiday card. Thank you so much for hosting and getting the linky involved. How much simpler is that! :D

  7. A phantastic painting and an awesome photo! WOW!

  8. What an amazing deer and man deer. I adore this!

  9. A beautiful photograph Tammie, so nice to come to this beautiful animal to your path.
    Your drawing is beautiful !!!!
    Greetings Christiene.

    Een prachtige foto Tammie, zo mooi om dit mooie dier tegen tegen te komen op je wandelpad.
    Je tekening is prachtig!!!!
    Groetjes Christiene.

  10. Thanks for this challenge! And I hope I did everything the way I should... In case I didn't please let me know
    Ciao Beo

    PS. Thanks for this beautiful photos of the deer!! I can see deer about every time I come home and I have to drive carefully because of that but never I could do a photo like yours..

  11. Wonderful to get this deer before your camera. Love your drawing! - eric

  12. This is really a great drawing/painting and the photo of the deer is as majestic as the animal itself ♥

  13. as always, moi, a lover of stipples, i am into the stippling on the deer's face, and on the deer man, of course... and i can see the inspiration, what a blast!! thxs for the linky business, i think it is a terrific idea! have a safe sunday, n♥

  14. I love the imagery of the buck - you are so imaginative! Great photo too - of course. Thanks for the opportunity to link in with everyone, it gave me the push I needed to post.

  15. wauw.... what an image!!
    your sweet drawing
    .... how nice it would be
    to walk aside in the woods
    .... thanks for being our host!
    i posted mine
    but no drawing

  16. amazing photo. I see bucks pass but never with the size of antlers like the one you photographed. I can see why you would feel inspired and love the drawing tribute.

  17. Tammie such innocence and grace, magical beauty, so good to see this!

  18. Hi Tammie, I added a link. :)

  19. Hi Tammie, the first deers I saw in Sheilas and Erics Blog ... then visited yours. And when I saw your fascinating photos of that beautiful deer ... he runs straight towards you and looks into your eyes ... I can't stop thinking "deer".
    Today, my picture was finished - and I am pleased to meet so many great artists here. Greetings - Ulrike

  20. The deer picture it´s amazing, and your drawing is beautiful, colorful and sweet, I just love it!

    As always it´s a pleasure to stop at your place:)

  21. That's what I had forgotten.... to leave a comment!! Sorry!
    Thank you for this wonderful theme a this challenge and your great pictures as well.
    When I came home this evening I saw some dear and I had to wait till they found their way back from the street into the wood. And immediately I thought of your and your wonderful dear :)
    Ciao Beo

  22. Your painting is beautiful Tammie! The photo is stunning too, such a lovely image of a beautiful creature. Happy weekend to you. xx

  23. deer and deerman - perfect combo. this drawing makes me think of christmas which is not too far away.

    hope you're having a lovely winter.


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