Jul 23, 2014

Montana Summer

this piece came to life
due to summer storms

in the past month i have experienced two trees
being hit by lightning
the sound of a hit is SO dramatic!

bits of tree fly everywhere 
even hang from other trees
the storm then passes and skies clear
rainbows rise above
flowers dance under the sun

hard to know there was ever a storm
there is one less tree standing

Montana Summer!

they say if you don't like the weather:
wait five minutes!


  1. Holy, two trees! Amazing how mean and wonderful nature can be! My son plays football in Great Falls this Friday, hopefully the weather will cooperate! Every year we have visited at this time of year and it has been hot like a sauna! Our weather here in Alberta is the same...wait five minutes and it changes!

    I really like your representation of your weather, especially the arrow shaped lightning bolts! Hopefully things calm down for you and no more trees are sacrificed!

  2. Love this picture! And your weather sounds impressive indeed.

  3. Oh this is nice! We don't really get thunder storms here, when we do though everyone runs out side to see them :-P

  4. Ha Tammie, you beautiful drawing, all weather elements are there.
    The weather was for you the inspiration for this beautiful work!
    I wish you a nice summer.
    a lovingly greet you Christiene ..

    Ha Tammie,prachtig jou tekening, alle weers elementen zitten er in.
    Het weer was voor jou de inspiraties voor dit mooi werk!
    Ik wens je een mooie zomer.
    liefs een groet Christiene..

  5. What a mighty experience a Montana summer storm must be. And how generous of the trees to give themselves up to the energetic act of balance.

    love your image.

  6. This is a very pretty drawing. Love all the collors.
    Summer in Holland is also about sun, hot weather and after that rain and thunder.
    Liefs, Melanie

  7. Adventurous text about your weather-life in this month!
    Drama and light-dancing between a few moments!

    The drawing is as peaceful as the drawer...

  8. They say the same thing about the weather in Kansas. Oh Montana...so beautiful. I hope to see it at summer time one of these days before my family there decides to move somewhere else.

    I so enjoyed browsing through your gentle and beautiful art and photos Tammie. Peace is what strings every post together.

  9. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  10. Beautiful painting. I so love the colours in this one!

  11. Heftig zo,n onweer en gevaarlijk...........
    Tammie je tekening is mooi en daar zit veel
    van de natuur elementen in.....
    Ik wens fijne zonnige dagen zonder onweer....
    liefs een groetje Christiene.

    So violently, and a dangerous storm ...........
    Tammie your drawing is beautiful and there is a lot of
    of the elements in .....
    I wish fine sunny days without storm ....
    a lovingly greet you Christiene.

  12. Last night the skies lit and the thunder crashed...ah, this painting does so catch the feeling of that wild storm. Beautiful!

  13. sounds truly exciting, but not standing underneath a tree is imperative... yes, i think i'd be inspired by such wild nature. n♥


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