Apr 7, 2014

Invitation to Drawing Challenge April 12-13th: Hat / Cap

i invite you to join us in this upcoming weekends Drawing Challenge
(though it does not have to be a drawing, it can be any medium: words, photography, fabric arts, we leave it up to your inspiration)

I have chosen the word 'hat' or 'cap'

this is my mushroom man 
who wears a fungi cap

wonderful inspiration to you all!

let me know in the comments if you would like to join us!


  1. Dear Tammie,

    count me in, please :-)

    xo Ariane of Rose.

  2. ooo yes please i would love to join in! jane from FLIGHT PLATFORM LIVING xxx

  3. yes please, I would like to play!

  4. Love your art!

  5. your mushroom man is wonderful in his fungi cap... have a great week~

  6. Such wit! (and charm) ... I'll enjoy watching this from the sidelines...

  7. I LOVE Hats!!! ... Or Caps! ;) Hmm ... I've put my 'thinking cap on!'

  8. This is so great to see how you have been inspired by the picture! Wonderful!

  9. sounds like a good challenge. I need to start drawing again. will there be a theme of sorts?

    love the hat on the man.

    have a great day.

  10. wow, i really like your mushroom man in his handsome cap!
    please count me in on the hat/cap dc.

  11. What a lovely Idea Tammie.I have my brother-in-law here from the States but hope I can dream something up.

  12. Tammie H a beautiful nature photos!
    and Miss a mushroom man drawing
    I've been a mushroom family father and mother with two children on canvas.
    I wish you a nice week
    Greetings Christiene.

    H a Tammie,prachtig natuur foto!
    en een leuk idee een paddestoel man te tekening,
    ook ik heb eens een paddestoel gezin vader en moeder met twee kinderen geschilderd op doek.
    ik wens je nog een fijne week
    Groetjes Christiene.

  13. ;^))
    i liked your blue-eggs-nest-drawing
    as i like the new theme
    i am pretty busy
    but i will try
    yes, count me in


  14. Yes, I would like to join you for this challenge and I love your fun-guy.

  15. Mushrooms, oh yes please! Count me in dear one! Norma, x

  16. I never thought, that you will find such a perfect form, when I saw the first lines. Adventurous, Tammie!

  17. Wonderful mushroom photo and I love your mushroom cap person! Such a wonderful piece of art!

  18. yes, please, count me in!
    thank you for the invitation x Stefanie

  19. Oh wow, that is so creative! love your mushroom-man! Sounds like an interesting challenge. Bad timing for me though ....

  20. Tammie, I love your sketch,and so lovely to see the inspiration fo rit too.

  21. WOW! Tammie Lee, this is fantastic! I love it! You are so talented my friend! I want to thank you as well for coming to visit my last post; I have been sick with vertigo, and I'm a little out of it, and I just saw that you came. Isn't it fun to dabble in all sorts of art? We need it in our lives. Love that mushroom!!!! Anita

  22. Hi Tammie, I'd love to draw some hat something. :) Count me in please.

  23. Hi Tammie, I'm a little late but count me in.I still don't know what... I never wear hats but I like the theme, so I'll give it a try.

  24. Oh Tammie... I adore your mushroom man... he echoes such soulful beauty... gorgeous art X

    Jenny ♥

  25. Your fungi guy is one very cool and handsome man! I love his mouth! And the different inside/outside textures to his jacket. This makes me crave portobellos. :)

  26. Shucks, I have been asleep, and missed your challenge. Oh, well, another time. Wonderful inspirational photo for your challenge. I love the green! The mushroom hat is a great idea!

  27. oh, very nice Tammie, well done with this sketch!

    hope you're having a good weekend.

    Hugs, G


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