Mar 14, 2014

DC : Connections

i enjoyed letting the word: connections
roll around in my mind this week
seeing it in the world around and within me

considering how the sun connects all life
the growth of flowers, trees, you and me

these are aspen trees
or i could say: Tree
they are connected by roots
and they are one tree
some consider a family

Aspens in summer, in Montana

painting inspired by sketch:

you would have to look close
to see all the fairy folk

I had a hard time trying to photograph the watercolor at the top to show the true colors
oh well, close enough



  1. That's interesting ... I didn't know that about aspen trees. You made a wonderful painting inspired by this. And I love all the fairies in your sketch. So cute ....

  2. Tammie this painting is beautiful and full of Spring energy with all that green! I love all your magical creatures below too and that photo of that bear, wow impressive!

  3. That's lovely Tammie. I love aspens and birches; can't get enough of them. They're somehow magical, aren't they? They really do inspire fairies and fantasy. I've painted a fair few in my lifetime. Hope you weekend is shaping up to be a good one. :)

  4. such beautiful trees
    they looked like paper birches to me
    i didn't know that about aspen
    a family, all connected
    and your work such a wonderful piece!

  5. Oh this is a beautiful interpretation of the theme, nature connect us all! I love trees, they give me so much energy, love what you have done, I also like that sketch!

  6. Hi very beautiful..your aspens are pure magic and full of harmony..your paintings are always like dream-journeys for me..meditative and spiritual !Soooo Gorgeous!! And mesmerizing photo too..awesome!! Wishing you a magical day!

  7. Love the idea of the connections. I can see how all the beautiful nature around you is so inspiring. The painting is lovely and I love the trees and faeries in your sketch.

  8. Arn´t the trees wonderful? I do love your image of aspens, the brightness and fragility, thank you, Leena

  9. Ha Tammie, mooi zo als jij de kunst laat zien
    alles wat we graag zien de zon de bomen en de mooie bonte bloemen.
    Een zonne groet Christiene

    Tammie ha, that's great if you showed the
    art everything we like to see the sun, the trees and the beautiful colored flowers.
    A sun salutation Christiene

  10. Anonymous3/16/2014

    Tammie my I love them...and carry them always in my have captured them beautifully...magically...wonderfully!
    Happy Sunday Wishes Dear!

  11. Dear Tammie,
    first I have thought that are birches... but those aspens, wow, I didn't know that they are ONE tree, connected by roots!
    I think in your painting are a fairy folk like in the drawing, too ;-)

    xo Ariane.

  12. I like these drawings of the trees, birches are beautiful trees. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  13. Oh my gosh, your drawing, photograph and painting are all splendid and really capture the magic and beauty of trees and groves. I love aspens, birches and alders. I just beginning to learn the differences.
    wishing you a good week.

  14. That is SO cool! Tammie- I had no idea about aspens- just gorgeous! and your watercolor is vivid and brilliant!
    Really perfect for this theme- thanks so much for sharing and playing along :)

    Best -K

  15. Beautiful connections. :)

    And I gotta say that love, love, love the song of the Aspens. And you've reminded me that I'm looking forward to the sprouting leaves and springtime breeze. Thank you for that.

  16. I need this land of dreams ...
    I draw so beautiful ...
    A dear friend, hug.

  17. I like that you said: the sun, connects all life
    It's true. If not for the sun, even we would not see us, or we can't see the beauty!
    BTW, very beautiful your photograph, taken from your back! :)

  18. Hi Tammie,

    what a lovely post, with lovely thoughts and lovely art. Aspens are magical, aren't they? I love your whimsical work here.

  19. I didn't know that, Tammie! How interesting. We have rhus trees in the garden that I suppose you would have to describe in the same way - all one plant and joined by the root system.

  20. I love the aspen picture. They are so changeable and so beautiful. Lovely sketches, too!

  21. the watercolour's looking good, this end, you know? i like trees such as these. they look so smart, a little silvery... n♥


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