Feb 9, 2014

Drawing Faces....

last week i created a painting
and the gal had flowers for hair

seems tonight I needed to draw more flowers...

I had glued tissue paper down in a lavender color,
looking at the page I saw this woman in the edges of the torn tissue
'she rose from the edges'

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  1. Beautifully shaped lips and nose of the flower girl. The soft colours are very pleasing. I wonder what she would look like with a pupil in her eye, maybe with a flower shaped dot of light, to replicate the flowers in her hair?

    I really like the little touch created with the blue flower on her cheek.

  2. Both are beautiful ... Love how you used the flowers for her hair ♥

  3. Loving the flowers for hair and I really like the use of the white space.

  4. smashing work and love the flowers in her hair. Annette x


  5. ooooooh lovely work Tammie!

  6. I'm enjoying your faces from the past week and this lovely woman who emerged from the paper. Love it!

  7. I love the first one! The way you made the flowers into her hair is beautiful!!!

  8. I love the movement and the colour..your work breathes and is lovely xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  9. Lovely as always but I especially adore this flower girl...not fussy or busy with details but so very beautiful in it's simplicity.


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