Jan 28, 2013

Gazing Heavenward

inner peace

i have been taking Jane Davenport's 
artini class: Expressions 
this is from the lesson: upturned face
i will have to practice noses from this angle!



  1. Anonymous1/28/2013

    Follow the direction of your nose.... when activated.... for it then truly knows what to uncover to make current sense of the world. Follow then any sensation to sniff in the source of it All.

  2. Oh Tammie... she is beautiful... and such wonderful expression... this is another class I would love to do... Jane's classes are awesome aren't they...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Lovely face from an unusual angle... Love the paint dripping! :)

  4. You did a great job. I haven't yet been able to master drawing a nose when the face is upturned. It always turns out looking more like a pig than anything else ....

  5. I was going to say the nose gives it interest...I really like it Tammie. The eyes are incredible.

  6. Anonymous1/29/2013

    Words for your wonderful work ...

    life circle, poppy book, dove, simplicity, wind, iceberg, amber, smile, cuddle, verse, margarita, waves, jasmine, peace, anchor , ship, stone, sweet sea, promise, crying, lily, tenacious nobility shine spray, magnolia, accent, heart, hands, free, sheet, horse, salt, light, poem, mother, winter, heart, dozing, dreaming, music, autumn, soft, butterfly, sugar, vanilla, bengal, born, headlight, button, cherry, pencil, fog, soul, time, moon, west, absence, silence, glass, breeze, aurora, joy, mood, chalk, star, sunset, road, flushing, tree, child, night, wings, blue fish, saffron, tenderness, pallor, delight, aroma, train, absence, garden, eyes, desire, world, back drops, time, swallow, no water, open, imagine, violet, incense, rice, walnut, woman, silver, forgetfulness, cinnamon, wound, honey, fly, salt, shade, no island ...

  7. Very lovely! I am quite drawn to these shades of blue.

  8. She is beautiful, I love the expression. really stunning. hugs.

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment. My sister is a great artist too. I think you would like her work too.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  10. amazing! love that I discovered your blog because is really special! something unique made by you - your drawings are pure bliss!

    just followed you on GFC ;)


  11. Anonymous1/30/2013

    I'm captivated by the drips.... eyes gently gaze upward, drip drip dripping downward. She's wonderful.

  12. Wow. The eyes - mouth - cheekbones - chin...are so wonderful that I didn't notice any problems with the nose.

  13. Great job! And hey it's true faces are tricky.But what's also true is that art is how the artist perceive's it. That's the wonderful and unique part about it! So have your nose any way you please,it's your art,and that special:)

  14. wow..she really does shine with peacefulness..and the perfect word.. sublime!Her face is exquisite..and the shading makes her almost seems like a stone statue ..i could picture her standing somewhere in a beautiful exotic garden!

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  16. This is wonderful Tammie. I always have so much trouble drawing faces from this angle (I tend to avoid it altogether!) but you have managed it brilliantly! Your work is always filled with such serene-ness.

  17. Oh, she's stunning, Tammie! I love how freely you've applied the magenta paint. Sublime is definitely the right word. :)

  18. You have developed such a skill with colouring the eyes, Tammie! Your 29 faces are coming along beautifully!

  19. She is beautiful. There is something so calming and ethereal about her.

  20. Love this one...my favourite...the colours...the shading...definitely does look peaceful and sublime


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