Jul 16, 2011

Crowned in Pink

lady crowned in pink
was a fun experience
I learned a new way of painting from Adriana Almanza
I am taking her "Doll Dreams" class
we use two paint brushes
one to put on the color
the other to blend it around
not easy, but layer after layer and I began to get a bit of a feeling for painting this way

so fun to learn new techniques!

I have been on the road
wandering in the Rocky Mountains in Montana and Alberta Canada
summer is a beauty!

This was taken in Many Glacier, Montana
Glacier National Park


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  1. Another beauty! Love all the gorgeous framing details, and the charming embellishments to her dress and jewelry. It feels like you are really having fun with this, finding your own voice along the way. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!

  2. hello Anno,
    thank you for your lovely message. I am having fun. fun learning about color, techniques and creating whatever comes to me. All fun!

    I tried that salad from Paschal and with your encouragement, yum! Thank you.


  3. Anonymous7/16/2011

    I would like to be near you and learn ...
    You're great !!!!!

  4. Lovely, the shading on her face is really well done. The pictures of the mountains in Montana are spectacular. I would love to see Montana some day.

  5. how fun it would be to draw and paint with you Remei, thank you for your kind message.

    thank you Marlene

    some day i hope you make it to the very large and diverse, wild and gorgeous Montana, i love it here.

    lovely evening to you,


  6. Wow Tammie I LOVE this I think it's my most favourite piece of work of yours! This way of painting definitely agrees with you! She is gorgeous!! I love the contrast between the skin colour and her eyes and the added quirkiness of her hair! Fantastic work!!! :0)

  7. She is lovely Tammie! I really like her skin and how you brought pink to her eyes- they look luminescent!
    Wow! what a fantastic photo!
    Hope you have a great Sunday:)

  8. Lovely picture, the technique sounds very interesting, and the photo is breathtaking! Valerie

  9. She's beautiful. I can see her as a doll!! Well done! Hope you enjoyed Canada!

    Hugs Gigges

  10. Anonymous7/17/2011

    Wow, I'm awe struck! Beautiful!
    Thank you somuch Tammie for sharing your beautiful self, your a treasure and very gifted!
    Hearts<3 <3 <3

  11. Love the painting...looks like your having a wonderful time...

  12. Wow! look at those eyes!! She's lovely.

    Ah mountains... I need to get me to some mountains.

  13. love the pink!
    & so brave to jump in & keep learning & how much fun for the learning to involve color!!
    wide eyed love to you. xox

  14. Tammie!! She'e beautiful--one of my favorites!!
    And what a gorgeous gorgeous photo and place to be!

  15. Love your art style ~ wonderfully creative and expressive ~ stopping by from Sketch Sunday ~ hope you will visit if you haven't already ~ enjoy the day ^_^
    my blogs are (Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor) namaste, Carol (artmusedog)

  16. She's lovely, Tammie. I really like how you did her hair. Again, I noticed how you've also been polishing the technique of your faces in general. Very impressive. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing with us where you're learning your new technigues from. Hugs

  17. you know pink is competing with blue to be my favourite colour, she's just lovely.

    and thanks for aharing that GORGEOUS photo...

  18. I absolutely love the pink hair and those eyes....
    cheers, dana

  19. You are great Tammie! and very talented! can´t wait to see more of your artwork ^^ Ady

  20. What soulful eyes. Pure beauty!

  21. She is beautiful! Love the pink and blue together and her great eyelashes and neck tattoo!

  22. Anonymous7/17/2011

    oh those eyes,, beautiful,,, wow,, you are very talented,,I'm joining as a follower,

  23. Perfectly pink and love the big eyes...a fave thing for sure! happy Sunday Sketches! POP ART MINIS

  24. Wow, just perfect! That lovely wavy long hair is beautiful, and those innocent eyes as well! The eyelashes really make them stand out and draw you in. What a beauty :)

  25. Wonderful art and photo too!!!

  26. she is just so lovely. I once wanted to color my hair pink just for fun but totally chicken out. guess I'll have to live through your wonderful work.

  27. she's gorgeous! The art class sounds like fun!

  28. Wow, I really like this piece. I think it's one of my favs now of your work. Beautiful Montana picture.

  29. You did an absolutely lovely job! I love her eyes and pink hair. And her skin tone is lovely. Glad you enjoyed your time on the road - such beauty you shared here. That photograph is just amazing!

  30. What a wicked-cool look (as my tweener daughter would say.) There is a big part of me that would love to sport some pink hair. The color contrasts are fabulous.

  31. oh i love her big blue eyes! and those lashes are AWESOME!
    I am so loving the photos too of Glacier National Park - I was in montana, jackson hole and idaho one summer and enjoyed ever ysecond this picture brings back memories!Thank you - YAY - hope you are enjoying yourself!

  32. Anonymous7/18/2011

    beautiful,, and the photo as well, thankyou for visiting me today as well,

  33. Happy travels...
    Glacier National Park is on my list of places I want to visit. Since it is 97 degrees today I think July would be a perfect time to be in Montana.
    I have enjoyed catching up this afternoon with your drawings. Wow....I see spirit in each of your ladies....
    Wide eyed and beautiful...

  34. My dear Tammie--you are such an encourager! ((hugs)) I love you and I love your artwork.

    lol I have been working on something special for you. Funny thing--I was probably working on it as you were writing about my little doodlings. (grin)

    Kindred spirits we be!

    I adore your beautiful drawing here--she fills my eyes.

    I like seeing the progression from what you started with to the finished picture. Lovely, just lovely...and that photo. WOW! That fills my eyes, too.

    Have a lovely rest of the day, my Friend!

  35. Tammie, she is gorgeous! Those blue eyes are just beautiful.
    Janice. x

  36. She is beautiful, and the photo of Glacier National Park is fantastic.

  37. Oh so beautiful Tammie..such fabulous pink essence..wonderful! and LOVE the epic photo...wow..beautiful!

  38. you are surrounded by gorgeous women!! I especially love the edge on this one...and the pink hair! amazing.

  39. Anonymous7/20/2011

    Wow! i want her hair :-)


  40. Tammie, Great shading on her face and nice lips! You are one of the most prolific artist gals I know of. I think it is interesting the way that you put a lot of depth in the face and deliberately made the body flat. I like the combination.

  41. I love to learn and to play around with new techniques! Thanks for your lovely comment Tammie. It is much appreciated.:)xx

  42. Where have I been?? I almost missed this little lady...and I just love her bubble gum pink hair! I hope the weather there is fine and you're having plenty of time out exploring. :) oxx

    PS: I just had "disco" for word verification... how cool is that? It matches the bubble gum pink! :))

  43. The mountains have clearly fed your creativity and energy - intoxicating!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  44. Anonymous8/06/2011

    Amiga mía, Duermevela descansa hasta el final del verano...o más..
    Será un placer que me acompañes en mi nuevo proyecto...


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