Feb 7, 2013

Tiny Fae

little man of the woods
sitting on a mound of earth
taking to heart the purple trees
life is as it should be

I am taking a watercolor class with Wyanne
this piece is a wet paint on wet paper piece
oh my
one must be patient
each step seems to have to dry 
before i can go on to the next step

it feels a bit:
to play with watercolors
face 7 of 29 Faces   


  1. A nice little fae in a nice forrest. Love it.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. A sweet fae. I love that forest trail and the texture of the leaves. Am curious, though: if you're painting on wet paper, how does anything "dry" before you go on to the next color? Or do you have to re-soak the paper before beginning again?

  3. Loving your magical picture, x

  4. thank you everyone!

    wet on wet.... first the paper is wet, then add color everywhere or here and there. then drop more color on and watch it spread and mingle in the other wet paint. Then let it dry or mostly dry, then spray it a little with water and paint some more. the last layer i painted on dry to add details that would not spread. I am still confused about it all. I think i would like to have a few paintings going, it is hard to stop once i start doing art in order for it to dry. Plus colors get lighter when they are dry so you never know exactly what will happen.

    hope that helps.

  5. Lovely...
    taking to heart the purple trees (I love that).xxx

  6. A small health problem has kept me away from blogger a few days ... excuse my absence Tammie.

    I think your blogs and your work are like drugs ... at least if!

    This world of brushes, watercolors and imagination is just what I needed right now!

    A big hug my friend!

    You're right ... life should be!

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Tammie. Love your fae. He seems happy where he is. Thanks.

  8. yes, it sure is different from painting with acrylics. Love your little man in his fairytale landscape!

  9. Lovely, translucent, ethereal forest; exactly the place for faieries! Beautiful! ♥

  10. Gorgeous painting Tammie... your little man is so sweet... and love the trees... such a delightful little scene...

    Jenny ♥

  11. Lovely!! Your elf is charming and the forest beautiful.

  12. beautiful colours in this one!


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