Nov 23, 2013

simple pieces this week

born into our world
with an aura of diamonds
his destiny to share

whoa, this sure changed colors!
I can see what some of my blogging friends are complaining about, 
this looks so different than the photo i uploaded. I guess i have to check into this. Odd the first piece of art in this post is pretty accurate

just been doing these simple sketches this week
on this one you can see rubber stamps i am also making, 
they were on the back side of this sketch

sharing with Sunday Sketches


  1. I love the little squares in the background of the first work, makes it sing.

  2. Good evening Tammie,
    I really enjoyed these sketches. I especially like the second one down, even though the colors did not post as they really are...
    Enjoy your Sunday

  3. I agree with Penny, the second one down is my favorite of these peace-keepers. The colors look just fine to me (cuz I don't know what the sketch on paper looked like!). I hope you will share your rubber stamps with us sometime. -sus

  4. You have done a lot of drawing this week. Very beautiful.
    Liefs, Melanie

  5. Ha Tammie, heel eenvoudig maar toch heel bijzonder dames gezichtjes.
    Tammie ik mis hier boven jou dame in het groen.....
    en het blogje hier onder staan geen afbeeldingen wel tekst?
    Liefs een groet Christiene.

    Tammie ha, very simple yet very special ladies faces.
    I miss Tammie above yours lady in green .....
    and the blog post below are no images or text?
    Love greeting Christiene.

  6. wow, you sure have been busy, and they all look great, love the squares and lines of paint in the first one. (I hope you will have time to comment on the interpretion of your art from last week?) xo

  7. they may be simple but they're very effective! I like how the stamps shine through the sketch ....

  8. love your art style ~ great work ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  9. I love the soft kindness in the eyes of your drawings Tammie, lovely work!
    Jess x x

  10. lovely colourful pieces this week Tammy!

  11. VERY interesting: the drawing with the "rubber-stamps" in the background. Playing with experiences opens new ways in art-technique!

  12. Your portrait illustrations are all very striking, especially the first two. Did you use markers? Have a blessed week.

  13. hello and thank you everyone!

    I will have to do a post with the rubber stamps that i am making.

    the first one I used copic markers on the face and watercolors for design around him.
    the second one i used a dip ink pen for the sketch in blue, then copic markers for sharing. For some reason blogger changed the colors very much in the second piece. it is more pink and a lot more blue than is shown.
    thank you for asking.


  14. Beautiful sketches and drawings! The line drawing is my favourite; so interesting and beautiful and your stamps look amazing!

  15. They are all so lovely Tammie, but my favorite would be the second one, she is a magical creature, beautiful!

  16. These pieces are absolutely lovely, Tammie. I really like the mix of the purple and green in the first one, too. :)

  17. Lovely sketches as always (wonder what the colors of the second one actually are)! I very much like also your stamps (love the mushrooms!) and the effect they create in transparency. Looks like the person in meditation is receiving his illumination in a mystic forest. ;)

  18. Very pretty! I especially like the second one, she is so sweet and lovely.

  19. Tammie such beautiful artwork from the inside out!! Looove the expression of his face and the mosaic marks behind him!! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  20. These are wonderful works ~ simply so. They emanate peace right through this virtual medium. LoVe them!

  21. Hi dear Tammie
    wonderful all sketches,very interesting the backgound on first-))
    Best wishes


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