Oct 9, 2010

Forests of Dreams

forests of dreams
live within
sprouting and thriving
from the planet of her flesh
animating her days
and nights
strong dreams
dreams with roots
heavenly dreams
like a tree
a life full of living dreams


this is how she began:

I was not pleased.....
so I painted her hair the pale color thinking I would paint over it....
but I liked the pale color.
I love how art can continually change until we are complete with it.


I have missed joining in with Sunday Sketches, it is so nice to be back. 
To enjoy sketches by wonderfully artistic people, please visit Blue Chair Diary!


  1. Gorgeous Tammie...a wonderful poetic journey unfolding..she is beautiful..she is full of magic!! Lovely!

  2. Tammie I love her. You have really captured a special feeling. They say we are in for a cold snow filled winter here in the cascades. I feel like a squirrel getting all prepared.I love snow but it really is not handled well here. They just don't have the equipment. I love to just stay home and enjoy our lovely woods and the Mtn. views.
    I love how you do the eyes on all your people. They touch ones soul.
    Hope you are ready for the weather they say we will be getting.

  3. Hello ms. Kiki,
    so lovely to have you visit!

    hello Sharon,

    Thank you for your lovely visit. I enjoy seeing my art through my 'art friends' eyes!

    I wish you warmth as the snow arrives. I am ready for winter, my wood pile is stacked and ready. I have had a few wood fires.... not all that cold so far. You sound like you will be getting the cold before we do.

  4. She is wonderful, Her face is gorgeous.

  5. Hello Marlene,

    Thank you for your visit and your reflection.


  6. it flows and flows and flows as your spirit brings you to places where it's good and peacefull.
    I want to hide in her hair.


  7. So wonderful! I love the magical, wintery feel the final piece gives off. It's so nice to see the progression of your work to the final outcome. Beautiful work!

  8. I like how you show the different stages of your work. The finished art is lovely.

  9. So beautiful! I love how the trees are bowing in the wind -- very wintery mood!

  10. Oh, wow! I just love this. The words are beautiful and very inspiring. And the painting, it's just so gorgeous, it reminds me of the beauty of the mountains, the snow and mother nature.
    Her eyes are wonderful, too.

  11. Snow Queen she whispered....because snow is so quiet and lovely.

  12. Looks excellent! Sometimes it's best to just follow the path that the piece leads you.
    ; )

  13. Yvette,

    I love that you want to hide in her hair.


    funny that I did not consider this wintery feeling, I feel it, see it now, lovely to look through all my blog friends eyes!


    I also enjoy when artists show their stages... so interesting. Thank you for stopping by.

    So lovely to know you were here. Blowing in the wind, layers of trees, thank you.



    I love your enthusiasm! Thank you for considering the poem.


    snow queen, that feels so right on.


    thank you.

    warmth to all,

  14. Hi Tammie, you wondered about the instruction I received to draw and there were two ways that helped me. The first was to draw a grid on the reference picture and then a grid on your paper and transfer the squares from one to the other, kind of like the puzzles in some puzzle books. The other way and the way I use the most is to cut the reference photo in half and tape one half down to your drawing paper and using the not taped have as a reference draw in the missing half, then switch the halfs to do the other side. Hope this made sense.

  15. Hello Marlene,

    So generous of you to answer my question. Yes this makes sense. I have not tried either of these ways. I did watch my niece doing the first example this summer, it was school work, good fun to watch.
    I look forward to trying these out!

  16. Thanks for sharing your process. Sometimes it gets quite scary painting when you decide to make a drastic change, but I think this really improved her. Her hair looks like a pristine ski slope now! Beautiful.

  17. She turned out beautifully Tammie!! I really like seeing the progressive stages of development!

    Your poem is beautiful and she is a fabulous creation!

  18. nice i like how you showed us what you did not like and how you changed it...i really like the shadowy trees as well...

  19. I think she will cover the forest in snow, that avalanche of hair - she is like a winter queen, goddess of snow! Love her! Love your poetry - I think i too wrote a poem last year with her in mind (though i did not know it at the time of course!) - let me find it!

  20. WrightStuff,

    I agree, scary to make a drastic change... i love the idea of her hair looking like a ski slope.


    Thank you. Thanks for enjoying my poem as well.


    thanks for enjoying the shadowy trees, somehow that goes with the dreaminess of my poem.


    if you find your poem, I would love to read it. Funny thing is, I did not consider winter with this wintry lady, but I sure do now!

  21. Every magical and moody. I love that you share your thoughts and process while creating.

  22. Beautiful...
    I love the texture of her hair!
    It is so great to see how it all began and the steps in between (thank you for sharing that).


  23. Yeah You are back at it!!!

    I love her, her hair turned out gorgeous! As usual you have such a way of conveying peace in the faces of your lovely women! I wonder what she is thinking.

    Great job!


  24. gorgeous! I like her white hair being like a snowy hill, very dreamy

  25. Jennifer,

    It seems like most of like seeing the process, thank you for visiting!


    Fun for me to see through your eyes.


    I love your happiness to see me sharing again, thank you. I might have to consider what she is thinking now.


    thank you for your response, you have made me smile.


  26. Oh yes, the lighter hair really pops, not that the blue was not good -- but the pale jumps out like a happy rabbits playing on a winter day while the wolf's far far away.

    Wonderful talent you have.

  27. She's absolutely stunning, Tammie! I really loved the progression of the piece, and I do think that the changes you implemented really enhanced her. She looks so ethereal and beautiful. :) Theresa

  28. Gosh, Tammie. She is out of this world beautiful!! Wow. Your art is SO improving. So proud of you! :)

  29. ...I love seeing the progression. She makes me think of a winter goddesst...

  30. I love the finished product. The pale hair looks great, and so does the texture.

  31. I love it!
    really a great piece!
    [thanks for your nice comment]

  32. great to see your process here tammie, this lady of the forest looks so serene with her green grey eyes focussed on the distant forest.



  33. Oooo Tammie.. this is so wonderfully haunting. she looks shamanic..travelling in her forest dreams :)


  34. she's beautiful and so serene looking. I love seeing your process from start to finish.

  35. Oh Tammie!!! this is such a wonderful piece....so peaceful and serene and I love seeing it in progress....wonderful work!!!

  36. wonderful! and yes, i like her pale colored hair too.

  37. WOW! You truly are one talented woman! thank you for sharing your vision through so many different mediums! (and thanks too for visiting my blog as well)...yes it does seem fitting that we should meet up being so close! Perhaps we'll find that we already have!

  38. Whoooaa! look at that cobalt blue or is that lapis lazuli? I love her hair. Tammie, you have to fly with us in the BBB, baldie baby or not! Come join us! We need someone to capture the wonders of the icicles! Tsup!

  39. Hello! How are you?

    I love the threes!!! Lovley :)
    and thank you for you comment :)

    johanna, sweden

  40. This is beautiful Tammie! I'm very happy to come and visit you here today to tell you that I've picked your name out to win my give-away! :)) Many congratulations! Could you send me your address please? My email address is jessicastride(at)hotmail.co.uk xx

  41. She is just mesmerizing, Tammie! I love the idea of this "Gaia"... So serene and full of movements!


  42. Oh, Tammie! One of the signs of a true artist is when you can take something you don't like and work with it until it becomes something incredibly beautiful.

    That is what you have done here. To me--she is a mountain covered with snow--serene, beautiful, ethereal. This just fills my eyes, sweet Friend.

  43. Such strong verses and sooooo beautiful drawings! I'm impressed by both of your blogs.. so I'll link to you.. so I can follow you up..
    Have nice days! :)

  44. ~tammie...she looks like a snow queen...reminds me a bit of narnia! so beautiful and calming...i like the deep dark blue butthe white definitly brings magic to this piece...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  45. My heart! My heart stopped beating for a moment when I first saw her! My goodness, Tammie! She is incredible. I wish I could stroke the texture of her hair. I love the wintry color of her eyes. Brilliant that she is a snowy mountain. I love, love, LOVE this! And thank you for sharing her transformation, too. A fascinating journey. Kind of like watching the seasons.

    Aaaah, I could absolutely KISS you for identifying my buds as peonies! My favorite flowers. Thank you!

  46. all you lovely people, thank you so much for you kind and supportive comments! Truly you inspire me to continue exploring and sharing, you are all so much fun! Thank you.


  47. I sure do like that final image. Your poem is gorgeous.

  48. What a transformation! I like her light coloured hair with her pale complexion and the lovely texture really adds to the piece!

  49. Tammie, I love, love love this piece. You have captured the coolness of the colours so wonderfully!
    Very beautiful!
    Very best wishes,

  50. Your work has a purity and innocence, beautiful!


  51. This piece is incredible! I love the texture of her pale hair. It is amazing to see how much a piece can grow and transform!

  52. Wow this is amazing- you're so talented!!

  53. This is one of my favorites....It feels so YOU....beautiful YOU!
    Thank you for sharing your journey here. xoxox hug, hug


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