Sep 4, 2010

Tears and Love

from the depths of his being

he cried into the palms of her hands

washing his face back and forth

purifying his pain in the light she contained

when his spirit quieted

with the utmost care

he placed kisses in each palm

made of love


recently, I won the gift of an original piece of art
an acorn, the nut/seed of an oak tree and I love oak trees.

this is the art of Ces
if you want to give yourself a treat
do visit her wonderful heart-full,
artful blog

Ces and Her Dishes


Visit Sunday Sketches to enjoy wonderful art by others!


  1. The acorn art is lovely. :) Your piece is beautiful - the words made me sad, but in a good way. Very lovely. Theresa

  2. beautiful..such an emotional and joyful story..very heartfelt, healing-symbolic and meaningful..super-wonderful! Thanks for sharing your magic! And yes beautiful art link! Fabulous!
    Hope you are having a sparkling night

  3. Hello Theresa,
    Yes the acorn is quite wonderful! I am loving having it in my cabin. Yes, sad in a good way. I understand.

    Ms. Kiki,

    thank you letting this post touch you, it was very heartfelt for me.



  4. Oh what beautiful words!!! And a sweet illustration. Congratulations on your win, Ces is definately an amazing artist!

  5. hello Nicola,

    Yes Ces is an amazing artist!
    Thank you for taking to heart my poem and art.


  6. Your words and pictures go so well together. Such strong emotion.

    Thanks for dropping by, as always I welcome your visits :D

  7. Hello Yarrow,

    Thank you for taking to heart this post.


  8. Lovely illustration, beautifully matched to the story you've told. So glad you took this turn in the road...

  9. A loving, tender, beautiful poem. So good with the artwork, as well.

  10. Lovely sketch and beautiful words.

  11. Hello miss Anno,

    Thanks for taking a look. It is really fun to have a new form of expression. Plus I share things here that I don't feel suit my Spirithelpers blog. Fun and freeing. This illustration did not come easily. And my lady has a much smaller head than the man- whoa is me, ha. So much to learn. But I went with it anyway. I felt the tale was enough to carry it through. Yes, a good road to take, my sense as it will be a long road to travel, which is good in many ways.


    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for taking this post in!

    Hello Marlene,

    Thank you~

  12. Tammie, this is like a fairy tale! I love seeing your art, you are developing your own style. And thank you for the link to Ces, her art is amazing! blessings...

  13. I want to know more about this moment that you captured incredibly both with words and lines & colors.

    Thank you very much for the kind words but most of all thank you for making me scream yesterday!!!

    Yes! I screamed and it made my husband very nervous. He thought something was wrong. He should know by now that AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! followed by a WHOAAAAAAAAAA!!! is delightful.

    I cannot believe what I saw. OMG! OMG! Naturally, I had to tell Bella. Thank you for the most incredible photographs. I am framing them for my office!

    Tsup! Tsup!!!

  14. Ack! I was number 13. Next time I should leave a comment as Paper Ces! HAHAHAHA!

  15. Rosa,

    my own style, now that is a fun thought. sometimes others can see more clearly than someone looking at their own art.

    these words rose so naturally, powerfully and with so much feeling, then the art came, not as easily!

  16. Dear Ces,
    I am so happy to hear that ice crystals made you scream, they completely have my heart and attention!I thought I remembered you loving them.

    As for this moment I captured... it is inspired by a moment in my life... The poem rose days later and then the art I struggled with... not that talented yet. I was hoping that the words would carry the art through.

    It is something to have ideas... and then to try to express them. I suppose these ideas and vision will encourage me to learn learn learn.

  17. I love this story that goes with the piece, it gives it such meaning. That acorn is really incredible - lucky you!

  18. Brilliant !
    Yes and ces is brilliant too and fun

    Have a great Sunday!


  19. Love the kisses … :) … and the acorn art too (but … I would)!

  20. What an emotional little story....and a meaningful illustration to accompany do that so well....
    Happy Sunday...and a big
    Congratulations on your award!!

  21. Such a touching picture and thankyou for leading me to Ces, I found her blog a long time ago and for some reason hadn't visited for a really long time, thanks so much for bringing it back to me. :) xx

  22. Hi Tammie, I am truly entranced by this beautiful image and poem here, there is so much heart and love put into it, you can really feel what the two people in the image must be feeling, it's just like a fairy tale with a handsome young man and sweet beautiful lady!

  23. Such a beautiful and heartfelt work, and I love the poem too :) You are very good at expressing the emotions through your artwork. Have a wonderful Sunday :) ~Lauren

  24. Love your stories with your sketches each week - such an inspiration. This one touching, timing for me is synchronicity - will read it to my husband :-)

  25. WrightStuff,

    Thanks for loving this story.


    Thank you
    and yes to Ces!


    i love kisses too~
    and acorns


    Yes, an emotional story for sure. Thank you!


  26. Jessie,
    Thank you for your visit. So glad you found Ces again!


    Thank you for feeling what I have shared in this post. It is very heart felt more me. Lovely to have you visit.


    Thank you for letting me know you can feel the emotions in this piece, it is helpful as I learn.


    Wishing you love and kisses. Lovely to know this piece is timely in your life.

    thank you all for your visits and sharing your thoughts and feelings!


  27. Lovely words to match lovely art Tammie! Thank you.
    Congratulations on your winning Ces Art, talk about detail, eh?
    Have a wonderful day.

  28. wonderful poem to match a wonderful drawing! Love the acorn too. :-)

  29. I love that you write poetry to go with your artwork. It's beautiful and adds so much more to it.

  30. Tammie,

    I love the feelings behind your art, so beautifully expressed with your poetry! You are so very talented in so many different ways. I feel peace each time I visit. Thank you for that...

    Smiles and hugs

  31. I love the poem and the drawing:)

  32. I love seeing a drawing go from b&w pencil sketch to color!

    ...And I always love it when a story accompanies a picture :)

  33. Lovley to read the poem, and then see your interpretation of the words :)


    Johanna, Sweden

  34. how charming & romantic, though I think her face seems to have an amused look there but charming drawing

  35. beautiful illustrative art Tammie and lucky you winning that stunning picture.

  36. Oh Tammie, you are always such a sensitive loving soul! Your words are touching, and that is quite an emotional scene you've captured in your art. Beautiful as you are! OXOX

  37. It was nice to catch up with your new drawings and see how your ideas are developing.
    My favourite time of the year approaching, oak and acorns are so lovely. Lucky you for winning one of the wonderful acorn drawings by Ces.

  38. Lovely, I love the way he is kissing her hand....and a beautiful Acorn!

  39. Oh so lucky indeed ... another little Cesnut! **blows kisses** Deb

  40. I love everything you create with your hands and your beautiful soul.

    And..... your comments make me happy too!



  41. Your poetry, as always touches me. I love watching your progress as an artist. Beauty, beautiful.

  42. Oh Tammie! Tammie! What an incredibly moving poem. The imagery! Wow! It makes my imagination soar as to the who's and why's and what next.

    Your artwork is truly beautiful. There's a lot of serenity emanating from them. I love seeing the beginning sketch and then seeing the full painting that evolved from it. It's fascinating that while some of the faces start out wistful and pensive, many of them end up with a content and almost secretive smile. I love that!


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