Aug 30, 2010

Introducing~ Ms. Present & Ms. Longing

amazing how much a piece can change as the days go on

ms. present and ms. longing

she is present
heart of knowing
intimacy is who she is
her stance relaxed spaciousness
her core sense is love
she sees herself in every bee flower and tree

she is longing
heart of desire
intimacy she longs to find
her stance leans into the world
her core sense is yearning
she feels alone


this is my first time to join Creative Tuesdays
prompt this week is hair
and I sure messed with these gals hair, oh my....

And visit Sunday Sketches to enjoy other artists wonderful sketches!
in my original sketch, I really felt the presence in the gal to the left
I truly felt longing in the gal to the right
after coloring etc. I am not so sure that I pulled off these spirits...
I am six months into learning to draw and paint, give me another year
perhaps then I can express what I wish to share....
still this is all so fun!


  1. Tammie, I am so glad I saw this as I was just finished with the montage of all the people who signed up for the HAIR theme but you msut have just signed up tonight. An FYI: do be sure to sing up ahead of time, unlike some other co-ops. the just leave a comment o my latest post when you have yours down so I can go find it for inclusion i the write up and montage. Thank you.

    As it is, I love your drawIngs. Very fun...and not just one but two. Whoa. I like your write up too but especially the background pattern which give a sort of dreamy like feel to the whole piece. Well done. thank you for joining in. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow so you can go visit the other entries too. :)

  2. hello Mmm,
    I so look forward to visiting all the other artists. I did join you at the last minute... that is how art is sometimes, hot off the press or brush in this case ;-}

    fun to hear that you liked the background, it is growing on me, but I felt is was too busy for most of today.

  3. They are just lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your little cabin. What a beautiful place to create. :)Bea

  4. Hi Tammie,
    Hope your week started off well. Love your sketches as always. and I LOVE those creamy dark red lips to boot! :)

  5. lovely of you to drop by for a visit Bea!

    nice to know you love those red lips. For some reason I love hearing what captures someones attention. Thank you for being our Sunday sketches host!



  6. hello lovely lady, these are i first looked at them i seen knowing and loneliness, so i think your already expressing the emotions you wish to share. i like ms longings hair colourings and both have amazing eyes.

  7. great...really!
    the expressions!

    ot don't's about my exhibition and the people I met.

    love you and the thinking of each other is not just coincidence I think.

  8. Hi Tammie, yes--you're the same Tammie in Suzi's class! I just started 6 months ago too with Goddess and Poet. Were we in the same class then? But I know what you mean--it's all a learning experience with our ladies--isn't it great how they come to life and all seem to have a different story--I love how your's convey that.

  9. really lovely painting and nice to see both start and finish..xx

  10. Welcome! I really like the pair of gals and I enjoyed seeing what they looked like before they were finished. I really enjoy the process of creating as much as the final creation!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your girls. I find hair is very difficult for me to paint so I try to do other things with it.

  12. Tammie,
    You have created oh so dreamy hair! I love the lady on the left! So glad you joined CT. It's so much fun!

  13. Well Tammie, great work. I do see the differences in the expressions. Perhaps it was your own feelings that changed and brought about the manifestation. Hope you see more of you.

  14. Hi these are beauties!! I love their beautiful! Love long hair of long haired gals!! yes it is neat to see how much they change and shapeshift! Sometimes I take pictures of my art..from start to finish..and cannot beleive how much they shape-shifted..all layers of energy..somehow important to the final destination!

    Wonderful post! Cool..about creative tuesdays,,I'll have to check it out!

  15. love the final version and the names fit the characters and the background goes well with the faces

    I'm glad to have another person join Creative Tuesday, it's always so nice to see what other people idea of the same theme, so, welcome and hope you enjoy being in our little group

  16. oh! i love so much the colors you used!!! they are my favorite!!!

  17. I love the way you have expressed these two different feelings in your girls.

  18. Hi Sue,

    How wonderful that you can see knowing and longing in these ladies. Thank you for your lovely comment/visit!


    Thank you! and How wonderful that you had an exhibition.

    I agree that it is not a coincidence when we think of one another the same day. I love that about life.


    Fun we have been in the same class, sometimes it is hard for me to know who the students are through the web.
    I agree, so fun how our ladies hold different stories. It is like getting to know someone.


  19. Hi Kay & Christie,
    I also enjoy seeing artists art in the different stages, so interesting. Thank you for your visit.

    Janet, hello
    I agree, hair can be challenging, that is something I want to learn more about!


    Wow, you like the hair, fun! I like the idea of joining CT, thanks for having me.

    How wonderful that you can see the different expressions. It was my own experiences that recognized the different spirits, stances in each of these ladies, I fluctuate between both!

    xx, t

  20. Good day ms. Kiki,

    Thank you for your lovely comment/visit. Hair truly gets my attention in art. I suppose as I continue to learn that will be one place that I would really like to learn. My hair so far is not truly satisfying (in my art that is). And I agree, really fun to see how art transforms each step of the way. I feel there is a lot of listening as I make art, listening with my eyes, my hands, my pencils and paints and then honoring the spirit of each piece. I know you are like that too. Perhaps most artists have this experience.

    Thank you for your comment. Wonderful that you can see the characters in each lady. To be honest, I did not try to make those spirits, I just saw them as I drew and then the poetry rose from what I saw. I am looking forward to visiting everyone in CT!

    I can see that you would love these colors, your art overflows with them.


    Many thanks!

    warmth to you all from my cold rainy day.

  21. Tammie
    These are both wonderful. I see presence and longing both in these two beauties. I love the background and what it did to the hair is great.

    Love the eyes too!

    Smiles and thanks for your lovely comments on my latest piece.

  22. Hello Sweet Friend! I LOVE this piece and enjoyed seeing how it all started.

    I wanted you to know I've featured your artwork on today's FAT Tuesday (Featured Artist Tuesday). Here's the link:


    Happy FAT Tuesday!

  23. Your entries are wonderful, and such emotion comes through the screen and touches me.

    Thanks for coming by my blog... Yummy we could eat figs and goat cheese together!

  24. Miss Present looks very savvy and streetwise, she will go far!!

  25. Miss Present looks very savvy and streetwise, she will go far!!

  26. Hi Tammie,
    I loved you artwork on Beth's FAT Tuesday. Isn't she fun to have an art show.
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my Painted Garden Blog. No I didn't write that poem it is the lost last verse to the song "Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procal Harum.
    I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
    Many Blessing, Deann

  27. The hair looks good to me, Tammie. I love her serene expression and beautiful eyes.

  28. you're so creative! very lovely!~

  29. I love seeing the process -- thanks for showing how these evolved from beginning sketch to gorgeously textured composition. What an interesting and wonderful journey you've begun!

  30. Hi Tammie - I didn't know you had an art blog! My what i have been missing! I found you through Beth's FAT Tuesday, and as soon as I get this comment posted, I will be adding you to my Reading List! I love this picture - and the title fits perfectly.

  31. You did a fabulous job! The words you wrote so perfectly match the expressions of these beautiful souls. And you did a fine job on the hair! Theresa

  32. wow Tammi, beautiful drawings, and welcome to Creative Tuesdays!

  33. Lovely Tammie! You have such feeling in your drawings, they make me dream :) xx

  34. Sorry so late - catching up on what we missed! These are great - fabulous! You have really caught the two moods - and as always love the prose!

  35. two very lovely faces (both with lovely hair!). Nice to see the different stages along the way

  36. Hi Tammie,x
    It is really lovely to see you are getting into your drawing and painting. Your ladies faces have such a gentleness and peace about them. I feel that art reflects the person who has created the work.
    Maybe my images reflects my wild side and impishness! :-D
    It will be lovely see your mermaid painting. The online art course sounds like great fun!
    Thank you for your wonderful comments at my place. You always make me smile with your lovely words. Have a beautiful day dear friend!

  37. hi tammie! i think your girls are's hard to believe that you've only been painting and drawing for six, you've done a great job! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :))

  38. Hi there! What a neat interpretation of 'hair'! I'm so glad you joined in the fun! :) Your little cabin in the woods sounds so charming, too!

  39. you are so good at showing personality in your faces. I think I feel like Longing a lot of times, but I would like to be more Present.

  40. These are wonderful. You did such a great job capturing those feelings in her face. Powerful and subtle.


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