Aug 22, 2010

Golden Realms

golden realms

This week I have finished two pieces, this one and the one in the last post.
I tend to sketch faces when out and about, 
then some day at home I use paints, stamps
and more to complete them.
I enjoy the feeling of completion.

Do you have unfinished art waiting for you?


Visit Sophia's: Sunday Sketches, to enjoy other artists!


  1. Tammie...I love this piece, very inspiring..i lover her gentle soulful eyes..and her hair..the sense of movement..gorgeous colors! Yes that feeling of completion is so wonderful isnt it! Sunday sketches sounds like alot of fun..thanks for sharing this beautiful work!! I always look forward to the next piece you create!

  2. Tammies, Oh she's gorgeous. Such beauty in those eyes. ...and that hair...a beautiful color scheme, here too!
    Love that you uses stamps, too! Very cool indeed.
    happy sunday to you

  3. Lovely, thoughtful mixed-media piece! Very contemplative.

  4. Hello and congratulations!

    You won my give-away. Please drop me a line and email me your mailing address. If you are giving me a P.O. Box, please know that the package measures at least 9" x 12". Due to customs requirements, I do not think I can send to a P.O. Box, if you live across the ocean. I will email you when I have mailed your package. Thank you for participating.


  5. she is just beautiful, such a calming piece. i love how you used the stamps too, i will have to try that sometime! :) ~Lauren

  6. Beautiful Tammie, her eyes are such a pretty, unusual color.

  7. I really like her. She is beautiful and her eyes are incredibly captivating. Wow! Great choice of colour as well.

    Say, are you doing the sketchbook tour? I can't quite tell with your journal pages there. I just signed up today. :)

  8. Hi,
    Wow ... you have been so busy, very beautiful. I love that she is on her side (sort of) ... the view is not perfectly square on ~ it is very dreamy and other worldly.
    Very nice work of late ... the summer has agreed with you.
    Very best wishes,

  9. She's beautiful!!

  10. I love the addition of texture on this piece. I can't draw, but might try modifying a photo to see what I can do.

  11. Hello Kiki,

    ah, thank you for enjoying her! Yes, I love the feeling of completion. I hope you join us in Sunday Sketches sometime, it is a lovely group of artists!

    Hi Heather,
    Thank you! Colors are so fun to play with, especially when you enjoy the outcome.


    Lovely to have you stop by. Fun to hear that you found this to be contemplative.

    Hello Ces! I am so excited to have won your give away. I love your art!

    Hi Fair,
    It really is fun to use different things in a piece of art. So different from using just pencils or just paint. I look forward to seeing what you do.

    Thank you.

    I would love to hear what the sketchbook tour is about!


    dreamy, ah, that is nice.


    Thank you!


    I just started drawing in March! I have always done one form of art or another and drew as a child. But this year I have had a few lessons and with regular practice I now am having a grand time. It is so amazing how fast we acquire skills!

  12. Well, this is incredibly rich in colors as well as details... I love the way you're exploring more and more with mixed media works. You're such a natural, Tammie! oxx

  13. Tammie thank you for you comment on my blog! This piece is lovely I love the feel of it and the colors! I also love your avatar pic, is that you?

  14. Amalia,
    thank you for your encouragement, it means the world to me. I am having fun each step of the way.

    thank you for your visit and lovely comment. Yes the Avatar photo is me, taken 30 years ago. I was on a beach cliff, absorbed in the view.

  15. Thanks for visitng my blog! She's lovely and the layout of the piece is very nice too!

  16. Beautiful faces Tammie! Isn't it fun to draw them? I sure think so! Great stuff!
    Thanks for visiting today :)

  17. How lovely! I adore the background colors and those of her hair - very rich fall-like colors. I DO, in fact, have unfinished art waiting for me! I hope to get something accomplished this week!!! Theresa

  18. hehe, yes, I do have several unfinished pieces calling to me at the moment! This piece is lovely!~

  19. awesome!
    i think this is my fave of yours, very inspiring!!!!

  20. nice post. She is very beautiful in her own way :)

  21. hello :) she's beautiful, i love the simplicity of the sketch and then seeing what she's become.

    i have loads of little unfinished doodles around the house.. it's always nice when they finally become what they were intended to be.

  22. Unseen Rajasthan`h8/26/2010

    This is so beautiful !!I really enjoyed the post !!Thanks for sharing 1!

  23. This is so beautiful !!I really enjoyed the post !!Thanks for sharing 1!

  24. I have so much unfinished art. I need a working space and a little kick start. I'll get there. Its good to see you are creating so much xJ

  25. ~our dining room table is filled with unfinished art...see i tend to start one to many projects...though i enjoy pondering and tinkering and working at my own husband ofetn laughs at me "are you really starting something else!!" she is wonderful...i l♥ve how you are adding different materials and textures to make your pieces complete and come alive...all my best to you...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  26. I have SO much unfinished art! This has a lovely restful feel to it, I am glad you finished it and posted it for us to see.

  27. Very cool painting....It's fun seeing this other side of you...
    Had to laugh when you ask about unfinished studio is filled with it...!
    hug, hug

  28. I just love here eyes...gorgeous, beautiful & wonderful as usual!!

    Thanx for nice comments on my blog, and please be my guest in my new contest!


  29. Wow Tammie! I didn't know that you can paint as well! Why didn't tell me about this earlier?;) Glad to have stumbled upon this blog and see another side of you! I really love this!

  30. Tammie, I love this piece, wish I could draw...I am always drawn to the stamps ... it is like they speak to me....nice...bkm

  31. I love how you show the progress of your work...I am so excited to see what you will do with such simple lines...oh, Tammie, this is delightfully whimsical and it fills my eyes.

  32. Love, love, love your color scheme here...the golden eyes are so striking!

  33. Your art is so lovely :)
    Thank you for participating in my Business Card Giveaway! Your blog is wonderful :D


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