Jul 24, 2010

Another Star

first I see your face
deep inside my mind
pencil goes to the page
spirit starts to shine
who are you
I wonder
feeling who you are
colors then adhere
you are a brightness from another star

I have recently returned from Italia, jet lag still in tact.
I had a lovely visit with my sister and family. 
My niece, Sofia and I would draw at times. This elf man came to life in Italy.

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  1. Hi Tammie..yay welcome back! beautiful dazzling art..wonderful spirit! Gald you are back..and thanks for sharing your magic!

  2. Always so beautiful, both words and pics... I love it Tammie!

  3. Welcome home! I'm sure you took the loveliest photos in Italy that will inspire some amazing prose. I lOVE the elf - what gorgeous colors that surround him. And his eyes are so penetrating. Great job! Theresa

  4. Hi Tammie,

    Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful trip! I wish I had gone with you, I have always wanted to visit Italy!!

    This elf is really well done - I love the bone structure and the colors are magical.

    Thanks for you visits and comments, I have been missing a few posts lately, but glad to have caught this one.

    Hope your weekend is wonderfully relaxing.

  5. Thank's for your visit and coment's , greetings paty

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely visit. I love the shading you used on the elfman's face, great job and good use of colors. Love your prose.

  7. Kiki,
    Thank you for your warm welcome! Thanks for enjoying elf man.

    Dulce, So glad you stopped by, I always enjoy your visits.

    I love seeing my art through your eyes, thank you.

    Seems most people dream of visiting Italia! I love seeing my elf through your eyes, thank you!

    Thank you for enjoying this post, it means so much to me.


  8. Funny, I was just thinking about Elves. I've been planning a painting of one for ages... Your man has all the right features and that sense of knowing magic. Great stuff.

  9. Love the Elf man...and his colors. Your imagination is so inspiring. Glad you had a nice visit with your family.xxoo
    happy sunday,

  10. This is such a wonderful sketch, I love all of the color! I was lucky enough to go to Italy a couple of times, it is so inspiring! I'm glad you had a nice trip :) ~Lauren

  11. Welcome back, Tammie. Sounds like you had a super time!! :)

    I like your Elf Man. Those eyes and his features really bring him to life. Freaky but totally cool!! Hee

    Happy Sunday!! :)

  12. I knew you took the magic with you! What a fantastic sketch! Sounds like you had a wonderful time ... bet your niece loved drawing with you!

  13. a creature from another place, very nice use of colors

  14. Love the colours too...
    Very interesting subject...What made yo think of an elf in Italy? I bet the men there would be insulted! ;)

  15. oh he is very other worldly looking. nice job! Love the colors you used too!

  16. always fun to get away!!! sounds like a wonderful visit with your family!!!

    Love the textures in your piece...

    Have a great day!!!

  17. Oh, Tammie--I LOVE your elf man! Such a unique piece--it fills my eyes.

    I think his cousin lives in the Forests of my childhood. (grin)

  18. thanks for visiting my blog - your work is bright and origional.

  19. ~welcome home...i am so happy for you that you were able to be and spend such time with your sister and family....and italia...one can only imagine!

    he is a bright light...i adore the way you put a world full of color swirling behind him...his eyes so sincere...his spirit is shining bright....wonderful tammy...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  20. I hope you had a fantastic time in Italy.

  21. I feel as if I enter a magical world of fairies, emeralds and glistening lights when i travel through your blog..your words and your drawings are so genuine and pure...and light and beautiful!


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