Jun 6, 2010

Lady Snowflake

again, sorry my sketch is so hard to see. 
perhaps there is a setting on my scanner that will help....

sincere appreciation
of the landscape of a face
gives light to multitudes of hues
layers of precious cells
every imaginable color
luminosity and complextion
thrilling discovery

I am enjoying learning to work with colored pencils, these are prismacolor. 
What kind of colored pencils do you enjoy?


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  1. I have the same color pencils but they break much too easily

    I like this face- it's strong and full of life

  2. hi Lissa,
    I have found these pencils hard to sharpen without breaking the lead. There is a old fashioned wall sharpener, the kind where you turn the handle that is working pretty good for me. Still it seems the leads disappear quite fast!

  3. I have the same pencils, but I've been too afraid to use them. They're so pretty. I got them in a kit for my graphic design class and couldn't believe how expensive they are at the craft stores!

  4. I like the thoughtful, compassionate gaze, her purple, many-hued hair, and the different tones you used for each side of her face. Beautifully made -- looks like you had fun drawing her!

    Interesting comments, too, about Prismacolor pencils. I've got a set of Derwents that I like, but I've always lusted for prismacolor because of the rich way they seem to lay down color. The Derwents are hard, and you have to build up color in layers; so far, none have broken on me, though...

  5. Hello Anne,

    I did enjoy drawing her. I am loving layering the colors one after another to create shadows and light. I never noticed that our faces are made of seemingly endless hues.

    I asked a couple of wonderful pencil artists what they like to use and they mentioned watercolor pencils without the water. They also told me to try different things, play, enjoy and find what works for me. The class I am taking has us working with prismacolor.

    xo, t

  6. loving her hair! If only I had the courage.

  7. I use prismacolor too! Love the different colored eyes!

  8. This face is stunning! I would love to learn how to work in colored pencil. Hope you are having a great Sunday! :) ~Lauren

  9. Lovely sketch and nice color pencil work. I too use prismacolor pencils and they do tend to break easily. I like using watercolor pencils the best though.

  10. Hi Tammie
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my sketch this week. You are always so kind!

    I love your latest! The eyes are fabulous and I love that they are different.
    You definitely have a signature type mouth and I really like them...I have trouble with lips a lot, so I like to see how other people draw them.
    Her hair is really great too, and I love the snowflake on her forhead!

    I just got some prismacolor pencils and I hate how they are so difficult to sharpen and how much they break.
    I know it sounds crazy, but my favs are Crayola pencils I steal from my kids left over stash at the end of every school year.

    Have a super Sunday!


  11. Amazing the change in depth and characteristic as you add colour - i like them both - and the prose - fabulous!

  12. Hello ladies,
    I love hearing about the pencils you enjoy and why. Thank you.

    Karen, ah to have blue and purple hair, might be fun.

    Debbie, it is fun doing different colored eyes and sides of the face, might have to try different colored hair on each side too.

    Lauren, Thank you for appreciating her face. I am enjoying colored pencil so much. Also I am enjoying learning how to shade to bring a face to life. So much to learn, step after step.

    Marlene, Thank you. I will have to try water color pencils. A friend gave me some years ago, I have not played with them yet.

    It is easy to leave you a kind comment. Your drawing is lovely and I can see why you are pleased! Thank you for taking in what I share, you have touched my heart.

    Thank you for your visit and kind comment. Thank you for enjoying the prose too. I find I enjoy sharing my experiences that way.



  13. Hi Tammie...She looks gorgeous! I love the snowflake in the middle of her forehead. So beautiful! I use Prismacolor, too. I love how well they blend. :) Theresa

  14. Lady Snowflake is gorgeous..she is super-luminous and inspiring! Enjoy her massive-shining-energy! she is awesome!

  15. I have two different sets of coloured pencils. I have one set that is actually watercolour pencils. For regular coloured pencils, I use "Polycolor 24" and I have no problems with them breaking and they sharpen really well.

    Nice sketch of the face...seems to be a few folks this week doing those. Kudos for the attempts as I suck at them. haha :)

  16. Hi Theresa,
    thank you, xo

    Kiki, Ah, thank you so much. I love making new drawings, never sure how they will evolve.

    Sophia, Thank you for sharing what pencils you use. I am taking classes and following standard measurements. It really helps! You would be surprised how even your first face will come together! Thank you for hosting SS!

  17. These are awesome sketches Tammie! You have a beautiful blog.

  18. Hi Tammie, I'm so glad that I found your blog and am now a follower!
    I see that you're in Suzi's class. I took it Jan, and I learned so much--I love the way Suzi teaches.
    I'm now in her Piety and Passion class--just as good.
    Wonderful job on your faces, and I love using the prisma pencils!

  19. Hi Tammie,
    Nice work with the colored pencils. I use prisma colors. they are great...
    Also, maybe you can try pulling the piece of paper from your sketch book to darken the scan? Is your image laying flat against the glass? I'm no scann expert, but I find if the littlest bit of light gets into my scanner, it doesn't work as well...just a thought!

    Anyway, I love the lady with the 2 colored eyes...GREAT work -
    happy sunday to you.


  20. I love her!
    Tammie, the colour is wonderful!
    I had issues with the scanning too....Photos from now onwards I think...

  21. Lady Snowflake looks as though she could hypnotize a person with the slow lovely beauty of her eyes, and I love the way you've shaded her face in subtle colors ... and her celestial looking friend shares her/your serene beautiful world. I love seeing each of your new creations, Tammie.

  22. I like the idea of having a snowflake as a third eye.
    I think there is a slider bar on the scanner software that allows you to darken the photos.

  23. love those eyes color...

  24. I am impressed, Tammie. You are a lady of many talents. The snowflake looks really good, is that from real life?

  25. Tammie, you show the spirit in the face. To me she seems like a mermaid, with her hair like waves of the ocean. And her different color eyes.

  26. Sweet! I do like prismacolor pencils. :)

  27. Hi Tammie,
    I do love these sketches ... that is also one of my favorite things to do. The coloured leads are so fragile ... if they roll off the table just once then they are shattered ... even my daughter's crayolas will do that. I use a small hand sharpener that gives me a bit better control but mostly I use the watercolour pencils dry ... also I can use water with them on my fibre work. I love that her eyes are different colours!
    Best wishes, Barbara

  28. is there any reason that her eyes have two different colour? Once a friend has a cat , and she has different colour eyes and was the topic off our talks.

  29. Oh WOW! Love the two different tones on her face. And all the color in her hair! As mystical as she is beautiful.

  30. Hi Tammie, I have some pencils called Inktense made by an English company called Derwent. These are watercolour pencils but the colour is more intense than normal watercolour. By the way, my eyes are hetero-chromic too, but not the same colours as this lovely lady's.

  31. i like her a lot, she's amazing.. beautiful colourings :)


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