May 4, 2010

Jasmine of Nature's Whispers


I would like to share Jasmine with you~
I met Jasmine in the wonderful world of blogging, last June.
She was making felt shoes for a tender and beautiful ritual.
Ever since I have been visiting her blog
to enjoy what she is creating what she is sharing.

Yesterday a package arrived, posted Royal Mail from Jasmine. 
It was the kind of package that makes me want to savor the opening,
even the shape of the package made my eyes sparkle.
a colorful canister of flower petals, hidden poetry, wooden buttons and more,
within I found
handmade wooden buttons made of lilac twigs
dried flowers collected for a dye bath

and two glorious scarves that Jasmine made,
my heart danced
as I saw and held both!

each made of natural silk nuno gauze and a blend of 70% Merino, 30% Silk wool
and all of this imbued with Jasmine's spirit and heart!
If only you could feel their wonderful softness and textures...

scarves are huge part of my life, almost daily Montana inspires the adornment of a scarf
so these will be well loved

There are two places you can visit Jasmine; her blog Nature's Whispers
this month she is hosting Festival of the Trees
so if you love trees you will enjoy all the wonderful artful links she shares!
Also her wonderful shop full of treasures like you see in this post:

thank you Jasmine


  1. Jasmine's work and 'world' do seem to be imbued with her heart and soul.

  2. OH SUCH COMPLETE LOVELINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I had to do it in caps ... ) What a beautiful experience and sharing between you and Jasmine. xo!

  3. Those are lovely gifts, worth keeping!

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  5. Truly, beauty flows around you -- gorgeous gifts! (And thanks to the pointer to Jasmine's world; more loveliness to explore!)

  6. Your beautiful gifts are a feast for our eyes, as well!

    Thank you for these wonderful links.

  7. Oh my ... her work is amazing!

  8. absolutely beautiful. i love nuno felt and still treasure a small piece I made many years ago.

  9. ~such beautiful pieces you have received...uniquely gorgeous is her work...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  10. Thank you Tammie for this lovely post. I really enjoyed making the parcel up for you. Its a shame my daffodil attempts did not work out but am so glad you like the hearts xxxJ

  11. Hello Ladies,
    Thank you all for visiting and admiring the wonderful creations Jasmine made. I have worn both scarves already and they are wonderful, light and kept me warm with out any bulk. I love this! Plus they are beautiful. Thank you again Jasmine~ xo

  12. Yay,so super lovely and beautiful..her eneregy and spirit does shine through! will check out the links!! have a fabulous day..enjoy your treasures..beautiful!

  13. It all looks absolutely gorgeous Tammie, and I shall be checking out Jasmine's blog.

  14. How extraordinary...I'm just amazed.


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