Apr 17, 2010

Young Lady~

my enthusiasm for learning to draw continues daily,
this drawing started with another eye tutorial.
After the eye was drawn I drew a face around the eye.
I forgot to use the guide lines for making a face look balanced. 
Perhaps the eyes are too high, 
but I don't mind.
Also I feel it is good to draw two eyes at once
they might look like they belong together more than these two do.

If you watch it, you will see this hair looks very little like he shows. 
Still it was wonderful to see one persons way to detail hair.

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  1. You are doing really wonderfully! I like her cheekbones and in particular I love the shadows and lights of her eyes. You are doing GREAT!

  2. I agree, you can really see the progress. I think the shading is incredible. Interesting I usually draw the eyes first and then the face around it...
    Great job!


  3. ~her eyes are what captivated me as well...real...intense...and then her cheeks...you are coming along in the drawing world quite nicely...soon maybe painting!?! may you be filled with inspiration to draw and create each new day that comes forth...so l♥vely...much l♥ve and light and brightest blessings~

  4. beautiful work, Tammie. It is wonderful to watch your gift unfold and bloom. I was especially charmed by those tendrils of hair at the peak of her forehead; very nicely done!

  5. your drawing has a lot of good details especially the eyes, which I think even if they are uneven, they are done very nicely

  6. HEY you are a gifted woman, girl!
    I love this... I don't think i could even try!
    hugs ;)

  7. Lovely..very beautiful! Great work!

  8. I love her eyes!! Very beautiful sketch!!

  9. what a pretty sketch! her eyes are perfect. I like the hair as it is. Keep the enthusiasm for drawing up :-)

  10. Keep up the drawing, you are progressing very nicely. I like the highlights in the eyes and the hair is good the way it is.

  11. Hi Tammie,
    your sketching lessons are coming along well. I'm impressed. I really need to dig into the art book I mentioned a week or so ago.

    The eyes are so intense on her. And it's OK if things are not quite balanced yet. That is the process of learing. :)

    Sorry it took so long to stop by. I am still not feeling well but starting to get around.

  12. Hi Tammie! Thanks for stopping by my blog....your sketches are beautiful! Love the eyes, they really tell a story.

    Take care,

  13. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!
    Love your drawings of girls! Isn't that fun? I started a little over a year ago and it's such a fun and creative process!!
    Beautiful blog!

  14. I always have to laugh at those things geared toward "balanced faces." Mother Nature didn't seem to be too preoccupied by making one side of a face look just like another because there sure aren't many real faces like that.

    I think she look real.

  15. Hi Everyone,
    I was away this weekend and could not respond to your comments here. I appreciate each and everyone of your visits. Your insights are meaningful to me and your encouragement is so supportive. Thank you!

  16. tammie thanks for stopping by my blog. You know, my sketchbook usually has no shading at all. In fact it is very rough, mostly just getting down ideas. Don't wait until you feel you've learned shading to use your sketchbook. I used to months, and sometimes years go by without using a sketchbook. I kept buying them, but never felt like I was good enough to put a mark in them. That's nuts!! as soon as I jumped in, I couldn't stop, and filled pages and pages of crap, lol!
    So don't let anymore time go by, sketch away!

  17. hi Betty,

    you are so kind to encourage me and I will take your advice. I think I just don't have confidence. When I begin a drawing it is a sketch and the lines are all wobbly as though I have no control of the pencil. Then with refining, erasing, shading my eye sees what I want and something begins to transform into something I have fun with. But my beginning sketches, yikes.
    Still I will do as you say and have fun and just take step after step.

    thank you! xo


  18. This looks great! I love the eyes, and the shading around the mouth. Good for you, keep drawing...it's so much fun isn't it?

  19. Your drawings are really coming along. Like the shading. Thanks for the visit. I am still hard at it and believe me my muscles know it.

  20. One look, one world...

  21. Hi Tammie! Wanted to stop by and thank you so much for your visit, your kind words and your follow. I'm trying to get back into things as much as I can. Things are still stressful, but it's going to take time. Your sketches are coming along beautifully, this lady is wonderful, especially her eyes. Porportion is very hard, I still don't get it right and have to keep going back - Don't be hard on yourself, again it's another thing that takes time - just like learning to play an instrument, or any art for that matter. Keep doing what you're doing!

  22. This is simply beautiful and lovely !! I enjoy watching your posts !!

  23. Hey there, Tammie! It was nice seeing you at my blog... I love all the wonderful sketches you've done, and I can see the lovely drawing style you've adopted along the progress. After all, art is a very personal thing... I always think the more distinct your style is, the more mature you are as an artist. Have a lovely day! (^_^)

  24. It is wonderful to be part of the drawing process with you. Learning with you as you share. Thank you for including us. I love seeing your growth. Her face tells a story...like all of our faces.

  25. Learning to draw? You're drawing! Perhaps it's more about drawing differently than you do know? Methinks you're learning techniques and methods of a specific style, or some of those ubiquitous patterns to watch for ... but learning to Draw. No. You *are* drawing!

    :) Have Fun!

  26. Hi Heather,
    Yes drawing is great fun!

    Hi Sharon,
    I wish you the best in your garden~

    Hi Manuel,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks for all your encouragement, meeting other people that draw is so inspiring.

    UR, Kind of you to peak in and visit.

    It is fun to consider having a style. It does seem that many artists do develop or come naturally to a style.

    Hi Sherry,
    Lovely to have you visit and know that you are enjoying my process. xo

    You are right, I am drawing. You made me chuckle. It is simply that before Abigail gave me two drawing lessons, shared how to proportion a face and begin learning to shade, well I was drawing some pretty strange looking people! My sketches still start out looking pretty funky. But as I continue something comes together in a way that pleases me. So you are right, new techniques and a keener eye. big hug to you!

    Thank you all for your visits and encouragement!



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