Apr 10, 2010

Wee Young Lad

This sketch reminds me of my son when he was a wee young lad.
In the past few days I had fun drawing men and now this boy. 
If you were looking over my shoulder you would find a mess on my paper for a while. 
I start with an oval and it is NOT oval, then I begin erasing and drawing and erasing
and slowly a face begins to emerge.
It is a surprising and fun process for me.

I discovered that You Tube has many drawing tutorials!
I did one called eye drawing tutorial, 
now what to do with a single eye drawing:

It is helpful to watch other people as they draw.

 To enjoy other peoples sketches, visit: Sunday Sketches, hosted by Sophia.


  1. Wow! Look at those eyes! Beautiful!

    Tammie, the description of your cabin sounds heavenly! Have you posted your environs before? I would love to see the nature surrounding you! Have a wonderful weekend Tammie.

  2. Hi Ces,

    I have posted a few photos of my cabin on my other blog, Spirithelpers:




    lovely to have your visit~

  3. Aaaaaahhhhh, and she DRAWS, too! Oh my, you have talent coming out the wazoo. These are wonderful, wonderful drawings. And you say you are just beginning??? I love this wee young lad. His eyes are deep and bright. And I love the girl down below with the lock of hair coming down her face. Her expression is beautiful, and so are her lips!

  4. Hello Bella,
    well I have always done some sort of art, but my art of this nature has often looked like a young child did it. So it is fun to start learning some tools- or would that be skills! Thank you for your support, it is encouraging!

  5. WOW Tammie...You really are a talented lady. These are getting better and better.

  6. Dear Tammie ~ this dear boy looks to be an enchanted forest dweller - I think you are a gifted and enchanted woman!

  7. Ah, thank you Joei. I am having fun.
    Somehow I am realizing that if I practice I will have more and more fun and be able to create art that will express what I want it to.
    The inspiration started with honoring my girlfriend who gave me two lessons by practicing so that her efforts did not go to waste. Then this is about living one of my dreams, if i want to draw then I must draw!

    a enchanted forest dweller, indeed.

  8. I like the promise of the kind of imaginative expression that comes with being able to draw. And the results of your practice are lovely -- amazing to see just how much life you capture with a few lines and well-placed shadows; perfect highlights, btw! Looking forward to the dreams to come...

  9. Thank you anno,
    there is something that feels so right about being absorbed in a drawing. The simplicity of sitting and creating as well as the state of full presence that is so moving and fulfilling.

    wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  10. the eye drawing looks great and the details are wonderful

    the wee lad looks like he has lots of personality

    I find drawing male faces harder than female because I always end up making them look like females but you've done a pretty good job here especially the nose

  11. Wee lad is a great drawing and shows quite a bit of personality. I also like the eye and the detail in the iris.

  12. Hi Tammie, I'm always amazed at how small this blogosphere is - didn't know you knew Ces and Bella too - Amazing ladies! Your drawing is coming along beautifully, love this wee lad and the eye study detail is amazing!

    Happy SS!

  13. The eyes are amazing; you almost wait for them to blink.

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  14. Lissa,
    Awesome that you like his nose. When I post a drawing I see things I never see when it is on my lap. I saw his nose and thought- wow that could use some help. Good for me to look at it through your eyes!

    Hi Marlene,
    Yes the tutorial showed all the eye detail, when I follow step by step a detailed eye appears. I sense I will have to practice for it to become natural to me.

    Yes- Bella & Ces are blog friends and wonderful and talented ladies. Thanks for taking a peak at my continued learning.

    Hi Darryl and Ruth,
    thank you for stopping by. I love the idea of my drawing blinking ;-}

  15. wonderful sketches! the eye is like a real!!!!! perfect!

  16. Wonderful sketches...I'm going to look into the youtube tutorials...the eye is awesome!


  17. lovin your wee lad! great job on the eye too!
    I love Youtube for all the artwork you can find there, but it's easy to get lost, and then, 2 hours have gone by before you know it, lol!

    have a great day

  18. My kids in school were learning to sketch, no, I am not the teacher. They have a photo of themselves, then make a big print, cut the photo into two, and sketch on side of their face.

    Of course we all know our faces are not symmetrical.

    You are so clever.

  19. Hi Tammie,

    I have been commenting on your site, and then I realise there is another Tammie, Bella which you also comment. Both of you are artist.

    I share with you this Chinese thought. When the Chinese name their children names, certain names will have the feng shui for certain thing. may be Tammie means being artistic.

    What do you think?

    I am commenting this on Bella's site too.

  20. So you are one and only Tammie, got me rather confused.



  21. Wee lad is very nice!! I love your eyes, and all the detail that goes into them. Nice to meet you!! Off to see more sketches.

  22. I will have to check out the You Tube tutorials. I had no idea. I struggle with eyes and hands.

    Another wonderful sketch. Keep up the great work! :)

    Happy Sunday!

  23. A Pink Dreamer, Julia and Pink Glitter Fae,

    Lovely to have you visit. I really find watching an artist at work helpful. I seriously doubt that I can draw an eye like that on my own, even after doing it once. Have fun if you try the tutorials. I pause them a lot and draw along line by line.

    Hi Ann,
    I am sorry to confuse you. Yes, I am the Tammie from the Spirithelpers blog. Plus depending on which blog I am logged into you will get one or the other of my links. I notice I have responded to comments with both identities in this post. Lovely that you have visited.

    I feel art for our children is a very important experience. Here in the states with money being tight these days many art programs have been shut down. Also libraries have been closed. Can you imagine a school without books?

    Dessa Rae,
    Lovely to meet you.

    thank you for hosting SS! Hope you have fun with a tutorial.

    warmth to you all,

  24. Great sketch!
    It's amazing how quickly you are progressing! Can't wait for next Sunday! See you "there"...

  25. You are talented in so many ways. Beautiful eyes.

  26. Beautiful and fantastic post !! I really loved the sketches !!

  27. Great sketch! I will have to check out the you tube tutorials, your eye is awesome....Amazing details. Happy sketching, and thanks for your visit! Heather

  28. I don't know what you do with a single eye drawing! But I do know this is a fabulous eye drawing!


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